Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Bear Brand Yogu Review

Nowadays there are a lot of beverages in the market that usually comes with some sort of vitamins which could be the reason why most parents or adults prefer to get. Since I'm a kid at heart and I always look forward in trying something new, I tried today's newly released beverage, the Bear Brand Yogu of Nestle. The said drink will be joining the hype of yogurt and milk in the market but there's a little difference. This Bear Brand Yogu is somekind of all in one, yes you've got it right, it is considered as all in one because it contains the milk that the kids love and the yogurt that carries good bacteria or whatsoever. I don't have any idea when it comes to science so forgive me if I can't give you some scientific explanations regarding this. 

In the label, it claims that it has vitamin C and zinc which is good to meet the growing-up needs of young children.This new flavored yoghurt milk drink comes with three different flavors which is the Mango, Green Apple and Strawberry. The one that I tried is the Mango flavor in 110g, I'm not really sure about the price because I haven't paid attention to it. Well it taste good because it is actually sweet and not too sour but you can still taste the yogurt in it plus the fact that the mango flavor doesn't actually taste artificial. 

All in all, it is good and for sure a lot of kids will love it.

*This product is not sponsored.

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