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FOODAHOLIC 3D Mask Orange Natural Essence Review

Aside from online shopping, I am hooked in watching Korean dramas and I was one of those many Korean fans who are dreaming on having a skin like Koreans. If you are also a fan of K-drama then you surely knew what I am talking about. I have been searching on how to achieve a so called Korean skin and I found out that it requires a lot of pampering times which also means using a lot of skincare products. In my twenty six years of existence, I still haven't find the right skincare products that will suit me which is really frustrating and as the day goes on I got tired of trying numerous products. Unlike from Korea, the weather here in Philippines is usually sunny and hot which could be the reason why my skin is dry. Yes, you've read it right, I have sensitive and dry skin. 

I'm not a fan of make-up as I believe in holistic care but I always wanted to pamper my skin however I just couldn't find the right skincare that is why I dared to buy some Korean skincare products, hoping that my dry and sensitive skin will like any of it. I'm not a beauty junkie so I don't have any idea on what products should I get and that's the reason why I made this blog, to help and enlighten other naive people like me when it comes to beauty regimen. 

Recently I bought few Korean sheet masks online and one of it is the FOODAHOLIC 3D Mask Orange Natural Essence, I bought it for as low as ₱16.00($0.319). 

Written on it's packaging, it is for clear skin and cleaning the skin pores. 

At the back you'll see it's ingredients and the instructions on how to use it which is written in Korean and English so you won't have a hard time figuring things. 

After washing my face, I excitedly put it. I didn't expect much because of it's price but I was disappointed because I was expecting some citrus fragrance but there is none. Well atleast it doesn't have a strong alcohol smell. It perfectly fit in my face but the vertical fold in the middle makes me puzzled,perhaps it's because it is the 3D thingy.It has right amount of essence and I didn't feel some itchiness and burning feeling which is good.True to it's word,it moisture my skin but I hate the plump feeling.

All in all, I was satisfied with this product and I think the effect still varies according to the skin types.

*This post is not sponsored. 


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