Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Review

Annyeonghaseyo Kdrama fanatics! If you are one of those who feels that korean dramas is life then you can surely relate in this post of mine today. Since I personally is also a fan of Korean tv series, I decided to write a little review or should I say share some insights and personal thoughts in regards to some series that I am currently following. First in my list is the Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, before this show had been aired I was hooked in a certain series wherein the lead actress has a strong personality and a strong body. Well if you are going to base the story in its title, you can say that it is something that has something to do with a woman who is undeniably strong but if you are following the series and watching the episodes then you probably felt the mixed emotions that the series bring in every episode. In every episode, there is always something that makes you get excited in the upcoming episodes.

The series already released ten episodes and and I guess there are only few remaining because it is expected to end in Apr 15, 2017 and knowing that makes me sad not because I won't see Ji Soo,Park Hyung Shik or Park Bo Young but thought that the story will end fast is something that makes me feel blue. Well the series is not that cliche as it only revolves in the struggle of Do Bong Soon in controlling her super strength along with her some sort of love triangle between Dook Goo and Ahn Min Hyuk. Inspite of the fact that the series will be ending soon is making is sad but I'm really excited on how will Do Bong Soon catch the kidnapper or how would be the things will turn out if they will meet again.

I like how the story goes but in some times, I don't like some of the animations effects but I really like how light the scenes inspite of the fact that there is also some mystery and thriller scenes. 

So what do you think about Strong Woman Do Bong Soon? Do you find Park Bo Young adorable? Who do you think will be the one for Do Bong Soon? Is it Dook Goo or Ahn Min Hyuk? Share some thoughts! .☻☺☺☻

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