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Howdy Mates! Welcome to my first ever product review haul.First thing first.. In here, you'll see various reviews about the stuffs that I use which I usually bought online. Since I'm a mom of two, I find it hard to commute and go shopping in the malls so I always prefer buying some stuffs online but aside from that I also consider online buying as a stress reliever and a diversion for me to keep my sane. 

Taking good care of children is not that easy but there are a lot of scenario that keeps on stressing and frustrating me which seems to be the reason why I feel so depressed. I always wanted to stroll around and doing some sort of window shopping but since the situation is kinda against my desires or whatsoever I always find myself scrolling in my phone, finding some good deals in some online stores. 

Online buying is just so easy and enjoying but there are some times that I'm hesitant in ordering because of the thought that it's better so see the product by yourself. In buying online, there will be a lot of things that makes you worry especially when it comes to choosing the right product quality but the excitement of receiving a parcel in your door is truly priceless. 

Before buying a certain product, I always look for some reviews and feedback's but finding some is not that easy because of the fact that people is good when it comes to sugar coating. That's why I decided to make my own review blog.(ha-ha)

In here, I will going to write a review of the product that I'm personally using without any sugary words. Yes! You've got it right, what you will going to read here is nothing but the truth.:)


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Nowadays there are a lot of beverages in the market that usually comes with some sort of vitamins which could be the reason why most parents or adults prefer to get. Since I'm a kid at heart and I always look forward in trying something new, I tried today's newly released beverage, the Bear Brand Yogu of Nestle. The said drink will be joining the hype of yogurt and milk in the market but there's a little difference. This Bear Brand Yogu is somekind of all in one, yes you've got it right, it is considered as all in one because it contains the milk that the kids love and the yogurt that carries good bacteria or whatsoever. I don't have any idea when it comes to science so forgive me if I can't give you some scientific explanations regarding this. 
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Trying some skincare products is a struggle for me since I have a sensitive skin. The thought that I will experience itchiness, burning feeling and dryness after trying a certain products stops me from in using various skincare products however I really want to give my skin some pampering time inspite of the fact that I don't know how, since I actually haven't tried doing some skincare routine in my entire life because of being so busy. 
Since I'm still figuring things, I guess it would be better to start with something common. I randomly picked these facial wash without any expectations that it will bring wonder since it is just my first time trying this out. I only bought the ones in sachet since I'm just trying it for the first time and I don't have any idea if it would not cause any trouble to my skin.
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Aside from online shopping, I am hooked in watching Korean dramas and I was one of those many Korean fans who are dreaming on having a skin like Koreans. If you are also a fan of K-drama then you surely knew what I am talking about. I have been searching on how to achieve a so called Korean skin and I found out that it requires a lot of pampering times which also means using a lot of skincare products. In my twenty six years of existence, I still haven't find the right skincare products that will suit me which is really frustrating and as the day goes on I got tired of trying numerous products. Unlike from Korea, the weather here in Philippines is usually sunny and hot which could be the reason why my skin is dry. Yes, you've read it right, I have sensitive and dry skin. 
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